Blue Badge Holder Information

If you are a Blue Badge holder you must be aware of the following:

  • Traffic wardens, parking attendants, police officers and civil enforcement officers ~ all have the power to inspect your Badge.
  • If any of these people ask to have a look at your Badge, you must allow them to see it. If you refuse to do so, you could be fined for breaking the law.
  • You can ask for identification and they should produce an identity card, with a photograph of themselves on it, which proves their identity.

If your Badge has expired, do not use it. An application for a new Badge should be done some weeks before the expiration date.

  • You must return the Badge to your local authority if it has expired or if your mobility or medical condition improves and you are no longer eligible. If a replacement Badge has been issued to you to replace one that has either been stolen or lost, and the original is recovered, then the original Badge should be returned.
  • You should also return the Badge if it becomes faded or damaged in any way so that it is no longer legible
  • If you continue to use the Badge when it is no longer needed you risk being fined.
  • Having a Badge does not mean that you are exempt from a road tax licence but if you meet certain criteria, you may be exempt.
  • You need to display the blue parking clock to show your arrival time if you park on yellow lines or any other place where there is a restriction on time. This clock will have been sent to you along with the Badge. If not, you can get one from the same local authority.
  • The Badge should be returned to the local authority on the demise of the badge holder.

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