Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment

Freewheel Attachment

By and large, wheelchair users experience different kinds of struggles on a daily basis. While normal people may have problems putting the right and adequate pair of boots during a hike or trip over rough terrain, wheelchair users don’t get to have this kind of concern.

What wheelchair users experience is not really the same as the problems of any abled person. For a disabled person to go through a rough terrain is quite a challenge. Aside from lifting their own weights, they need to carry as well the weight of their wheelchairs. However, it does not end there because hiking over a rough terrain is quite impossible for a wheelchair user to do provided that he is using an ordinary wheelchair.

The concept behind is quite simple. Freewheel Attachment is actually a single flipped wheel that is installed to the front of the wheelchair. It lifts the whole wheelchair slightly from the ground due to the positioning of the wheel.

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Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment

Flat and even surfaces

Apparently, wheelchairs are designed and intended for flat and even surfaces. Stability is always one of the main keys in designing a wheelchair. Hence, going over a rough and uneven terrain is impossible. While it may deem as possible, users will surely fall off and out of the wheelchair especially if done without assistance and proper attention.

But today, it will be possible and easy for every wheelchair user to go over rough and uneven surfaces without the fear of falling out because of the Freewheel Attachment. Also, using Freewheel Attachment has a lot of benefits. And one of which is the expansion of mobility.

How Does It Work?

The height of lift is just enough for the castors in front to be raised. The front castors are typically the reason why it is difficult to go over bumpy roads and rough routes. But note that castors are important since they stabilize as well the wheelchair to the ground which is why it cannot be removed.

Nevertheless, Freewheel Attachment makes it easier for the wheelchair user to move as the castors are slightly off from the ground.

Wheelchair users have a very limited mobility and there is no doubt to that. However, Freewheel Attachment can expand the mobility of the users. The equipment will allow them to go over areas that they couldn’t roam over before:

  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Snow
  • Sand
  • Hilly and bumpy areas

In addition, it will be much easier for wheelchair users to manage their routes and paths indoors and outdoors.

Is It Easy to Setup and Use?

Convenience and ease of use are some of the things that Freewheel Attachment caters to every user. Installation and setting up can be done in a few minutes only. It will only involve the assembly of parts and installation to the wheelchair which normally would take 10 to 15 minutes. Users will know when it’s done and ready to use when the Freewheel Attachment snaps.

As for usage, there will be no struggles and hassles. On it default mode, the single wheel is simple on its straight path to add stability to the wheelchair. And on it flipped state, it will be much easier for users to take turns in both directions. It is also light in its weight. The total weight is seen at 5 pounds alone. Whether you tucked it in the back section or clipped it on the front, it will not take time.

As always, Freewheel Attachment is recommended for every wheelchair user due to the benefits it cater.

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