Kuschall K-Series Wheelchair

Kuschall K-Series provides an incredibly unique, easy and light model

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wheelchair that gives you no limit in doing things that you like to do?

Good news is, Kuschall K-Series has the answer.

Kuschall, the company that created this revolutionary wheelchair, aims to exceed the user’s expectation by designing each wheelchair based on the uniqueness and individuality of its users. They understand that every wheelchair user wants to live life to its maximum, despite having their disability.

So what sets the Kuschall K-Series apart from the other wheelchairs in the market?


The Kuschall K-Series symbolizes the innovation in wheelchair design; it has been specifically manufactured for people who are highly active and expects performance and strength, as well as aesthetic appeal.

It brings a new dimension to everything you need – from its wide selection of different materials, configurations and variety of colors to choose from. It’s time to say goodbye to bulky and outdated wheelchairs. Kuschall K-Series provides an incredibly unique, easy and light model so going to places has never been this more convenient. It is versatile and gives you so much mobility.


Can you believe that this series is only 7.9 kg? Yes, it may be lightweight in design but the performance and delivery is undoubtedly heavy weight. The technology of K-series has been around the market for over 20 years and they have gained solid popularity. Their secret for superior handling is because the model’s whole frame is made from a single piece.

Combined Appearance

Because of its “minimal frame design”, Kuschall K-Series delivers not just aesthetics and lightness but also exceptional stability. What’s even great is that you can personally choose the material of your frame! You can really call your wheelchair your own by choosing from its selection of titanium, aluminum and carbon. This new frame also allows your wheelchair to be lightweight.

Sit Conveniently

The company’s engineer wants their product to deliver excellent performance and stand out against competitors. K-Series is specially designed where all adjustments are made only from the seat module. If you want to change the center of gravity, all you just need to do is select from the five positions on the seat module. You don’t have to worry about changing the settings for the frame as everything else stays just the way they are.


You don’t need to compromise aesthetics over function. With Kuschall K-Series, you can have the best of both worlds. Each configuration options were built inconspicuous, yet fully-functional and located just where they should be located. Every detail, up to the smallest ones, was taken over with care. The setting of the rear bracket is invisible, yet you know that they are there and accessible whenever you need them. The hand-wrought carbon frame delivers a design that is simple yet elegant – the perfect material for modern living.

All Rounder Handle

Kuschall understands the importance of your wheelchair’s handle. Though it may just be a handle for some, but for you it’s more than that. It is a helping hand which assists you in getting things. The rear handle of Kuschall K-Series was designed as round for your ease and convenience. This design enables you to get at your rear baggage easier. With the use of its built in magnetic clasp, you can open the handle easily and grab whatever it is that you need.


K-series stands apart from the other wheelchairs in the market. Each single detail, from its high-value workmanship and unique design, were planned out and delivered in exceptional precision. It’s a unique wheelchair that blends functionality and beauty perfectly. Every single part and feature makes the K-series what it is – the best wheelchair in the market.

Perfect Positioning

Kuschall is all about individualism and personalization of its users. With this aim in mind, they designed the model in which users can customize their wheelchair according to their preference. With seat cushions, backrest and wide range of available positions, you can conveniently adjust the settings. This gives you the “no limit” to your personal preferences.

Being a wheelchair user can definitely be challenging, but it does not mean that your mobility should be limited as well. Get your own Kuschall K-Series and live a life with no limits.

Kuschall K Series Wheelchair

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