Off-road Wheelchair Wheels

Upgrade Your Chair with Off-road Wheelchair Wheels

Riding should be fun. How you travel and the condition of your chair when you are going around will determine your happiness. You should not let your condition hinder your success in life. Even if you are driving a wheelchair, you still have the chance to enjoy the outside world. All you need to do is to consider other options that will make riding more comfortable. Off-road wheelchair wheels can make it easier for you to go the distance without thinking about punctures and other problems that you will encounter outside. This will let you explore the world confidently. Here are some of the things you will surely get when you upgrade your chair with off-road wheelchair wheels:

You can now speed up and feel free to go to different places. Riding will not only help you enjoy the outside world. It will also give you the strength you need for your upper body.

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Off-road Wheelchair Wheels

Advance Features for Safety

The first consideration you need to take when purchasing a product that you will be using regularly is the safety feature that comes with it. Off-road wheelchair wheels are made from materials that are sturdy enough to support your chair. Here are some of the advance features of the product:

  • The wheel comes in standard size for the user to easily swap it whenever there is a need to.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • The tyres are specially designed to adapt for difficult terrains.
  • You can control or increase the speed easily with the use of the black anodised aluminium.
  • It has an axle with a standard 24-inch diameter and ½ inch diameter hole.

K-Guard Puncture Protection

The need for a puncture protection is needed because you do not know the nature of the terrain that you will encounter. There are rugged and difficult terrains that can cause damage to your wheel. The layers of fibres that protect the natural rubber will not make you worry about the surface of the road. You can now increase your speed and go for off-road activities with more confidence.

Comfortable and trouble-free driving

Your control over your chair will determine your comfort when driving. With this off-road wheelchair wheels, you can easily control the chair as it goes up and down and as you encounter bumps and bends. The aluminium hand rims will specially give you this freedom to control your wheelchair. The outer lugs with a gentle rib can give you an added grip for a better traction when you pass through a rough road.

As you drive with total control, you will see how your body will also change and you will also turn more confident about yourself. By choosing the perfect equipment that you can include in your wheelchair, you will surely enjoy your life. If you purchase something that will help you become more comfortable, it will be an investment that will be used for a lifetime.

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