The YouBike Arm Leg Exercise Wheelchair

The YouBike has the following features

Whether you are a wheelchair user or have a condition that doesn’t allow you to get out of bed, you can exercise. The YouBike has the following features to help you keep your muscles active even if you are unable to move your legs.

Total body workout: This device features cranks moved by the hands and foot pedals for the feet. You can therefore get in a solid upper body workout to give your muscles strength to push your wheelchair or use crutches. Those who cannot move their feet can still put their limbs in motion thanks to the foot pedals and special foot supports. This ensures the muscles and joints in the lower body are kept from stiffening or wasting.

The YouBike Arm Leg Exercise Wheelchair

The YouBike is highly portable and weighs just 12kgs so you can fold it up, carry it around and unfold it for use virtually anywhere.

Cardiovascular workout:

The YouBike ensures you get the circulation in your body going with a complete cardio workout. As you improve your heart rate, your heart muscles grow stronger. Using the adjustable resistance on the in-built computer, you can push yourself as hard as you want. You also burn calories and keep your body weight in check. A well toned body makes you feel lighter and more confident, fostering a positive self-image.

YouBike arm leg exercise wheelchair

Easy to use:

Designed for easy usage, the YouBike allows you to get in a thorough workout either in a seated position or lying down. All you need to do is put your hands on the cranks and your feet on the pedals and push for as long as you can. This machine allows you to get in the movements you would do in a physiotherapy session so you can keep your muscles and joints in tune without a physiotherapist.

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