Walk In Bath

Comfortable and safe to use

If you are giving consideration to the purchase of a walk-in bath, it is more than likely that you are beginning to experience difficulty and problems using the current bathing arrangements you have. Whatever the degree of disability or difficulty you are sure to find a walk-in bath to overcome your particular problem, as there are many different types of walk-in baths on the market.

You would have no further fear of slipping as walk-in baths are comfortable and safe to use, you would not have to rely on others to help you in and out of the bath and you can retain your privacy and independence.

There are also various smaller bathing aids, which can help you to get into the bath, such as grab bars.

If you are comfortable in a bath, and do not want a shower, then a walk-in bath would be the perfect solution for you. It is easy to understand why a lot of infirm and elderly people have opted for a walk-in bath and are able to enjoy a bath in total safety and comfort without struggling with a conventional bath that for them has become uncomfortable and difficult to cope with.

Easy grip, dual control taps

Where a conventional bath would have a full side panel, walk-in baths have doors that open so you can step straight inside. Some can also be fitted with power seats as a bath aid that lowers you into the water so you have no awkward bending or difficulty getting out afterwards. Some half- length walk-in baths do not need power chairs as the seat is built into the design.

They give you something to hold onto when you are in the bath and are made to match your taps. Taps can sometimes be very difficult to turn on and off and can be a real nuisance but, for safety reasons, some walk-in baths are fitted with easy grip, dual control taps for temperature and flow.

Make the decision today

There is no fear of any water leaking out as walk-in baths doors are completely sealed when shut and the water drains away quickly so that you don’t have to wait too long until the door can be opened and you can get out.

If you haven’t already done so, make the decision today, go and have a look at the various types and models of walk-in baths you can purchase and bring back the anticipation and pleasure of a lovely long soak in the bath without any worries!

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