Weight Loss Disabled Person

Weight Loss For People With Disabilities

Physical disabilities can make weight training or gym exercises challenging but not impossible. In fact, forget about abandoning physical fitness altogether because there are plenty of great ways you can cut off that extra pound just as good as the normal and fit people would.

When done on the regular, such exercises will help to improve and maintain your physical, emotional and mental health. But before going down that route, as a person with disabilities, it’s best to consult with your doctor.

Let them carry out a physical exam and share your health status with you so that you can perform exercises that fit well with your physical needs and fitness level. Not all exercises are good for you, some will harm your health so having a physician’s report of your health is something you will not want to ignore.

That said, there are a couple of ways a physically challenged person can cut down the extra pound and stay fit. We’ll take a look at the most effective ones.

If eating healthy foods and trying out a couple of activities doesn’t seem to work for you, then you stand a great chance of experiencing results by trying out a fitness equipment.

Balanced diet

A great balanced diet plays a significant part in helping you shed off the extra weight and achieve the most weight loss as a disabled person. For instance, if you keep ingesting foods that are packed with plenty of calories, losing your weight will become almost impossible. Not to mention that your weight training activities could be limited based on your specific disability.

If you only have a few exercises at your disposal, then controlling your calorie intake will play a huge role in helping you lose weight as a disabled person.

Also, avoid fatty foods because they carry the highest amount of calories. Instead go for healthier alternatives such as vegetables, skimmed milk, and fruits.

Get Active

Getting active simply means finding an activity or exercise regimen that’s more practical. Standard exercise programs could be a challenge for the majority of people with disabilities but thankfully, there are plenty of other activities the physically challenged can participate in and benefit a lot from them.

For instance, you can purchase one of the many strength training tools available in the market right now that are designed for people with disabilities. A great example is the Invictus Active Trainer. Read through to the end to learn more about it.

You can as well join a team sports. If you haven’t come across such sports, you can ask around since organized sports for the physically challenged do happen more often than not.

Find the Right Equipment For Weight Loss Disabled Person

Finding the right fitness equipment to use as a person with disability isn’t easy at all. Keep in mind that this will also depend on your specific disability and fitness limitations.

Nonetheless, it’s possible to find one. And the best ones have the potential to help you to stay fit, healthy and lose weight as a disabled person. Take the Invictus Active Trainer, for instance. After spending nearly 12 months in a spinal centre, Paul Cooksey, the co-founder of this equipment, realized he’d added so much weight. He wanted his body and active lifestyle back and from that, a great idea was born: the Invictus Active Trainer.

It’s a wheelchair treadmill able to help you burn up to 350 calories. You can achieve this after every other 30 minutes you spend on this machine. On top of that, the equipment has an app that will assist you to keep track of your progress by showing you how much calories as well as the weight you are losing. And since the machine simulates a wheelchair, besides helping you lose weight, it will also help you build the muscles you require to propel your wheelchair. The Invictus Active Trainer is a great option especially for paraplegics and wheelchair users. It’s easy to set it up and use it as well.

To sum up, all these three options we’ve mentioned comprise the most effective ways that persons with disabilities can adopt to shed off that extra pound and also stay healthy and fit. So eat the right foods, have the right exercises and activities and more importantly, get yourself an equipment as good as the Invictus Active Trainer as it will help you achieve a lot more when it comes to weight loss.

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