Wheelchair Platform Scales

Our scales are easy to get on and off and use!

The Invictus Active Scales make weighing yourself easy and accurate for wheelchair users.

  • Easy roll-on roll-off access
  • Heavy duty for long working life
  • Large-size LCD display
  • Mains or battery operated
Wheelchair Platform Scales

The Invictus Active Scales has a gentle slope on either side so it is easy to roll-on and roll-off. Position yourself in your wheelchair in the centre of the scales and the reading shown will be your current weight.

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Wheelchair Platform Scales

Keeping track of your weight

Keeping track of your weight is important for everyone. Weight increase can be a sign that it’s time to step up the exercise routine to avoid problems such as diabetes, heart conditions and obesity. While weight loss can often indicate the onset of a serious medical condition. For able-bodied people weighing themselves is not a problem, however, for wheelchair users, it’s not so easy. Until now.

The Invictus Active Scales allow wheelchair users to weigh themselves in a safe and simple way. These heavy-duty scales come ready to use. Place them on the floor and connect to the mains or insert the required batteries.

wheelchair scales

Small Display Box

Locate the small display box in a convenient place. It has a long cable, comes with wall brackets, and the large LCD numbers are clear and easy to read. Position your wheelchair, with any accessories you would normally use, on the platform. Weigh your chair and keep this weight in the scale’s pre-tare function. Every time you use the scale it will automatically deduct the weight of the chair from the displayed result.

Invictus Scales

Manual or electric wheelchairs

Use the scale with both manual or electric wheelchairs. It gives you a fast and accurate weight reading and it will keep a record of your weight in the memory so you can easily keep track of your weight.

When not in use the scales require little storage space in the upright position, and they have wheels on one end for easy transport.

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