2020 Renault Master

Car Details
Body MPV
Mileage N/A
Fuel type N/A
Engine N/A
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Choice of Colors
Size Medium
WAV Type Rear Passenger
Seating 1 Wchair + 4 Pass
Entrance Powered Rear Lift
Space Lowered Floor
Conversion Brook Miller
Doors 5 Doors
Stock id BMNEW0005
Seller Note
The Renault Master comes in three sizes. Firstly the SL28 which is a Short Wheelbase model with a low roof, next is the MM33 which has a Medium Wheelbase as well as a medium height roof. Finally there is the LM35 which offers a Long Wheelbase along with the medium height roof. These are all available with a Business or a Business+ specification. This vehicle is highly versatile and offers a wide range of seating plans.