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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – Travel without Fear Disability will never be inability.

Those who use wheelchairs can also drive, thanks to technological advancement giving rise to what we call wheelchair accessible vehicles that are commonly abbreviated to WAVs. Definitively, wheelchair adapted cars are built in such a way that a wheelchair user can access them without having to leave the wheelchair outside.

These vehicles have spaces designated for wheelchairs and there are even adapted vehicles that permit a person with disability to drive while still seated in the wheelchair. Wheelchair accessible vehicles can be accessed either through the driver’s door, passenger door or from the rear. This brings us to the issue of what types of WAVs are available on the market, what each is for and why there is such a variety.

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Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Different people have different needs and concerns and there are different types of mobility cars to fit every wheelchair user’s needs. The type of mobility approved vehicle will depend on what it is going to be used for, the size of the wheelchair and the number of people being carried.

Passenger Only Vehicle

Built with care for the disabled and understanding of their needs and physical limitations, this type of WAV is not for someone who wants to drive him or herself. A passenger only vehicle has enough space permitting a wheelchair user to sit up front or at the back. It is strictly for wheelchair passengers only.

Internal Transfer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Also known as drive-from wheelchair accessible vehicles, these are built in such a way that a wheelchair chair user can also be the driver. The space inside is enough to accommodate a wheelchair user and enable them to drive.

Motor-Trike Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Also known as minivans, these vehicles enable the wheelchair user to transfer to a seat and leave the wheelchair in a spacious designated area inside the vehicle.

Conversion Vans

If you are looking for space and luxurious fittings within a wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion vans are the answer. There is a great deal of space inside for any modifications needed and plenty of room for essential equipment in addition to a wheelchair.

Sport utility vehicles, which can be accessed from the rear using a lift, are also becoming increasingly popular.

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Finding a vehicle to accommodate the physically disabled is important and this is where the wheelchair cars Brentford website comes in as your ideal WAV partner and dealer.

Whether you need something long term or simply a vehicle for rental, everything is in one place. At wheelchair cars Brentford, you can get all the information you need, whether you want to hire, rent or purchase a WAV. There are many used and new WAVs of different sizes available depending on your needs.

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