Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – Manchester

Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Most wheelchair accessible vans usually only have enough space for only one wheelchair bound person. It may require some adjustment to fit the wheelchair and more than one person inside the van. Before you choose to make your minivan wheelchair accessible, you should make sure that it is compatible to your needs. To do so, you should enter and exit the van to make sure that you can do so quite comfortably and easily.

Wheelchair adapted vehicles, cars, mini buses for all your needs – anywhere in the UK. Choose to make your minivan wheelchair accessible.

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Enough Space

Another thing to make sure is that you have enough space to fit luggage, if you find that there will be a time that you want to travel. The layout of the seats is generally different when it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles Manchester than regular vans. Before you make that choice, be sure to analyze your different options.


You will find that most Wheelchair accessible vehicles have added features that you can access. Facilities for auto transmission are one extra feature to some wheelchair accessible vans. Power steering is another added feature of a lot of wheelchair accessible vans. Some wheelchair accessible vans do have more features that you can choose from and it includes things such as air conditioning, heating and sensors for parking.

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