Wheelchair adapted vehicles Loughborough

Does a drive through the rugged beauty of Charnwood forest appeal to? Of course, it does, and for most people, it’s a simple prospect. For a wheelchair user, however, it’s not so easy. Without a specialised vehicle, such pleasure trips are virtually impossible. However, there are plenty of wheelchair adapted vehicles in Loughborough waiting to transport you to the forest.

On our website, you will find private listings of used wheelchair accessible vehicles. There are also many dealers of used and new wheelchair adapted vehicles in Loughborough and the surrounding area. You will be surprised at the variety of sizes, shapes and prices of vehicles that can be purchased.

Wheelchair adapted vehicles, cars, mini buses for all your needs – anywhere in the UK. Interesting locations possible for disabled people and wheelchair users.

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Manually or Electronically or by a Lift

Wheelchair accessible vehicles allow a wheelchair user to travel as a passenger, and some can even be driven by them. Access is afforded either by ramps which fold down manually or electronically or by a lift. Manual wheelchair users may need a helping hand to propel themselves up the slope of the ramp. Sometimes attaching a winch to the front of the wheelchair can assist in the ascent. Motorised wheelchair users should make sure that their chair has sufficient power to get them up the ramp.

Adapted vehicles in Loughborough

Some of the available wheelchair adapted vehicles in Loughborough may have a lift. These are generally more expensive and require more maintenance. While they do have the advantage that the wheelchair user can enter and leave the vehicle without assistance, some people feel vulnerable on the lift platform when it is moving.

The best way to decide which one you feel most comfortable with is to ask your local dealer of wheelchair adapted vehicles in Loughborough to let you try them out. Once you’ve made your choice of the ideal wheelchair accessible vehicle for you, those forest drives can become a reality.

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