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Free yourself from dependence on bus schedules and bus routes by purchasing one of the specialised wheelchair vehicles in Staffordshire. You can also reduce your dependence on other people to get out of your wheelchair and into the car. With this specially adapted kind of car, you can get in and out of your car unaided. You will also be more comfortable and safer in the car as you travel.

Vehicles are adapted in different ways to make them suitable for transporting wheelchairs. Some carmakers that make smaller wheelchair vehicles in Staffordshire make them with floors that are lower than normal to comfortably accommodate wheelchairs. To be sure that you have enough clearance in whichever mode of wheelchair accessible car you intend to buy, test-drive it. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned pounds on a car in which you keep hitting your head on the ceiling when navigating bumps.

Wheelchair adapted vehicles, cars, mini buses for all your needs – anywhere in the UK. Purchasing one of the specialised wheelchair vehicles in Staffordshire.

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Cars with lowered floors in the back passenger seat area will usually have smaller fuel tanks. This might be a cause of concern if you plan to use the car for long distance travel. But usually they are compact city cars that are mostly used for short trips in town and their fuel economy makes up for the lower amount of fuel they can hold. Popular models that are accessible to wheelchairs include the Fiat Doblo and the KIA Soul. These are known for their compact design, which makes for easy parking.Even with this in mind, remember you will have to give allowance for the ramp that facilitates disembarking for wheelchair users.

In addition to the above considerations, do make the regular checks you do when purchasing wheelchair vehicles in Staffordshire. Be sure that it meets the standards you desire in terms of performance, comfort, and safety that you expect from a normal car before you make a commitment.

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