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People with temporary or long-term disability that forces them to use wheelchairs, often find themselves unable to undergo many experiences that are, let’s say, normal. One such experience is travelling in a car. While many public vehicles often dedicate a space (or two) for people travelling in a wheelchair, it is practically impossible to travel seated in the wheelchair in personal cars.

It is here that Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, commonly referred to as WAVs, come into play. These cars have been uniquely converted or altered to allow the travel of a person in a wheelchair while seated in the wheelchair. Many WAVs allow the person to act even as the driver while others may facilitate travel as a passenger.

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Types of WAVs

If we consider the model of vehicle to be modified as our basis for sorting, WAVs can be sorted into three major types. These are the three most popular types and few others may exist for other vehicles. One of the most popular types nowadays is the minivan, preferred for its low price and easy modifications. The wheelchair can be entered or exited from the back through a ramp. While minivans are relatively economical, they do not offer much space and there may be much effort required when enabling the person in wheelchair to act as a driver.

For people who prefer more space and can afford the extra costs, the second category is of conversion vans. These were initially the most popular due to their ease of modification and continue to be the choice of a large portion of people. Conversion vans have a lot of space and therefore can be modified to include luxuries like sleeping space, TVs etc.

Sport Utility Vehicles

However, recently a significant shift of interest has occurred towards using SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) as wheelchair accessible vehicles. The entry and exit can be facilitated by integrating a wheelchair lift. Naturally significant changes must be made to the side doors of SUVs.

For people who are looking to acquire wheelchair accessible vehicles on a short term basis, rental WAVs are easily available. These may be rented for short periods like a few days to a week or two or even for longer periods like 6 months or even a year. On the other hand, people looking to buy WAVs for long-term can browse through a variety of models.

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Whether you want to acquire an SUV or a minivan that has been converted to WAV, Wheelchair Vehicles Dumfries is dedicated to making the world literally accessible with comfort, and effortlessly, to wheelchair-bound people. Wheelchair Vehicles Dumfries has a great catalogue where you can go through many types of wheelchair accessible vehicles and make your decision on the model, the modifications, the price range, and whether you want to buy or rent. Wheelchair Vehicles Dumfries has got it all for you. We will guide you through the whole procedure to help you select the right vehicle and make the world accessible for you.

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