Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – Scunthorpe

Adding a lift or ramp

The main objective of a wheelchair accessible van is the idea to have a ramp or lift that will aid the wheelchair bound person to access the vehicle while sitting in the wheelchair. Most of the adjustments to adding a lift or ramp are done at either the back or side of the vehicle. Some alterations will add extra space for passengers as well as entrapments to keep the wheelchair secure. A special seat belt also has to be included for the wheelchair bound person.

Wheelchair adapted vehicles, cars, mini buses for all your needs – anywhere in the UK. A special seat belt also has to be included for the wheelchair bound person.

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kind of vehicle

Generally, it is multi-purpose vehicles that are used to be converted to wheelchair accessible vehicles Scunthorpe. One such vehicle is the Renault Kangoo MPV. This kind of vehicle can fit about three passengers as well as the driver and the wheelchair bound person. The VW Sharan MPV is also another recommended vehicle for conversion to a wheelchair accessible vehicle and like the Renault Kangoo MPV; this MPV can also fit up to three passengers.

The wheelchair bound individual will be seated at the rear of the vehicle to leave the middle row vacant for additional passengers. The Chrysler Voyager is the MPV that has the most room. It can fit up to six passengers; a wheelchair bound person and the driver. In some cases, large vehicles like this can fit two wheelchair bound passengers.

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