Wheelchair Accessible Cars Barnsley

A most important consideration when purchasing Wheelchair accessible cars Barnsley is whether a lift or a ramp is the most suitable means of access for you and your wheelchair.

Wheelchair adapted vehicles, cars, mini buses for all your needs – anywhere in the UK. A most important consideration when purchasing Wheelchair accessible cars Barnsley.

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Wheelchair accessible car Barnsley

Ramps probably will take up more space when they are extended to allow entry and this can sometimes be awkward if your space is limited e.g. if you park in front of your house or in a limited parking space.

For safety reasons the slope of the ramp should not be more than 13 degrees and, although a ramp that is longer would not be so steep, it would inevitably use more space and would not be so easy to use as it would be heavier.

If your chosen wheelchair accessible car Barnsley has not got enough space to turn your wheelchair around once inside, it will have to be reversed out and this could be tricky.

A Lift

As lifts are operated and powered by a wired panel or by wireless control they tend to be more expensive than a ramp. A lift might be more convenient as there is no need for reversing out of the wheelchair vehicles Barnsley.

To prevent slippage make sure the lift has the edges raised. Always make sure that any components that are loose are secured safely when you are travelling and expert advice should be given on this aspect.

Ramp safely

If a ramp is fitted always ensure that you never travel horizontally on it as you might overbalance in your wheelchair and hurt yourself and damage the chair.

As folding ramps can be heavier and have to be locked into position before use make sure that you would be able to operate this safely. If your wheelchair is powered you should be able to access the ramp safely but sometimes you may require help.

Wheelchair cars Barnsley s that may have been converted with lowered and sloping floors means that the outer section of the ramp may be shorter enabling the lowered floor to be utilised as a section of the ramp. Therefore this has the effect of reducing ground clearance so care should be taken when driving over bumps or uneven ground.

Ensure that the ramp is fitted with raised edges so that there is no danger of the wheelchair accidentally slipping.

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